Cancer Man And Sagittarius Woman

Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman

 Cancer man and Sagittarius woman make combination of water and fire. Though it looks impossible it can flourish well with some co-operation. They both have many things to appreciate and learn from each other. Cancer man: Cancer man is sensitive and caring person. He values people and extends helping hand whenever possible. He shows carefulness while doing anything. He never brags or misbehaves with anyone. He is ambitious and intelligent person. He has ability to adjust in any conditions which allows him to co-operate with others. Cancer man can be romantic and protective lover. He can sacrifice himself to protect his loved ones.


Sagittarius woman: Sagittarius woman is attractive and independent woman. She has honest nature but can also become critical sometimes. She can’t tolerate anyone controlling her. She likes to travel around; it gives her chance to explore many things. She has ability to learn from observation. She is restless person and can also become careless sometimes. She is fun loving person and likes to enjoy every moment of her life. She is simple person and strives for passionate lover.

Cancer man and Sagittarius woman

Sagittarius woman is relaxed and carefree person but she can easily co-operate with Cancer man. She respects him for his stable and intelligent personality. She also appreciates cautious nature of Cancer man. She likes to take guidance from Cancer man but she will not allow him to control her. Sagittarius woman is also spendthrift in nature which can make Cancer man worry. Her critical nature can hurt him but honest nature of Sagittarius woman also makes her ask for apology. 

Cancer man and Sagittarius woman relationship:

Cancer man shows Sagittarius woman his feelings and makes her believe in true love. With undivided attention from Cancer man she can feel loved and safe with him. Sagittarius woman is analytical in nature she would like to solve mysteries behind her Cancer man. Cancer man admires honesty of Sagittarius woman as he finds it rare in women.

Cancer man can become self oriented sometimes which can hurt Sagittarius woman but he soon realizes his mistake and asks for forgiveness. Cancer man loves to direct but he should also understand that Sagittarius woman doesn’t like to be dictated. He should be gentle while dealing with him. When Cancer man and Sagittarius woman come together they blend in so well that they forget their self and adapt to qualities of their lover.

Their relationship is peaceful due to understanding and co-operative nature of both of them. One can always hear the noise of them laughing together. Cancer man can always learn something from comments of Sagittarius woman while she can learn to be careful and stable like Cancer. Cancer man and Sagittarius woman needs to do some compromises to be together. Cancer man is fascinated by the positive and intelligent personality of Sagittarius woman but he can’t tolerate carelessness of her.

She can also become spendthrift which again causes problems with economical Cancer man. Sagittarius woman likes the stability and love provided by Cancer man but feels trapped when he shows over possessiveness. They both need to show some tolerance for each other to so that they can understand each other well.

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