Cancer Woman And Sagittarius Man

Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man

Cancer woman and Sagittarius man can have frequent ups and downs in their relationship. They should show eagerness to adjust with one another. With proper understanding they can have many things to share between them. Cancer woman: Cancer woman has nurturing qualities and sensitive personality. She is giving in nature; she can easily adjust with any person or any circumstances. She is loved for her kind and helping nature.


She is intelligent and ambitious person. She likes to preserve the money as it makes her feel financially secure. She can be work oriented but her first priority will always be her family. Cancer woman is responsible person and she likes to have all the things well organized. When she falls in love, she shows full devotions to her lover. She never lacks romance and care.

Sagittarius man: Sagittarius man is lively and fun loving person. He is honest and truth speaking man but sometimes he can also speak harsh words which can hurt other people. He likes wandering around and meeting new people. He is also good observer which helps him to learn quickly. He can become unpredictable when he is moody. Sagittarius man easily trusts others but he can also get cheated by others. He feels hurt but due to his positive attitude he can stand up again and fight back. He can become passionate lover but he would have to avoid being too frank with others.

Cancer woman and Sagittarius man

Cancer woman finds Sagittarius man equally moody and imaginative person. She also likes his lively nature. Sagittarius man likes the caring nature of Cancer woman as he himself lacks it. He finds her amazingly sensitive and helping towards others. Cancer woman is intelligent person and she can always guide him with her useful advices. Sagittarius man often speaks too much only to hurt sensitive heart of Cancer woman. He needs to understand sensitive nature of Cancer woman. She is possessive for her lover and keeping distance between each other can make her insecure. 

Cancer woman and Sagittarius man relationship:

Sagittarius man likes to solve mysteries of Cancer woman. He can understand the moody nature of Cancer woman. He tries to remove her fears with his loving and generous nature. He gives her new direction to move upon. Feeling free of her insecurities Cancer woman makes his life happy with her affectionate nature and humor. She will be quick to learn what he likes and dislikes. Cancer woman can feel neglected due his reckless nature.

She feels jealous when he talks with his female admirers. When Cancer woman and Sagittarius man commit to each other they both show immense dedication towards each other. Sagittarius man learns to show steady and dependable nature while Cancer woman learns to express her feelings more openly. Cancer woman and Sagittarius man both share affection and curiosity to learn more about each other. Fire and water is not easy relationship thus Sagittarius man and Cancer woman will have to do some adjustments.

Cancer woman is expressive about her emotional feelings but Sagittarius man lacks that ability. He will have to learn to express his feelings. He will have to stay close to Cancer woman to understand her. When he learns to value their relationship, there will be smooth flow of love and affection in their relationship.

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